Maximizing your Home Office Environment

Maximizing your Home Office Environment


Working out of your home has tremendous benefits.  You save on gas, you can call your own hours and you don’t have any office politics.  But just because you work out of your home doesn’t mean that it’s not important to maximize your office for the best productivity possible, even if you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck.  As with all office environments, it’s important to create the best physical surroundings for your office space.  Here are some pointers that you can use to maximize your own home office environment. 


Have the right type of office equipment

If you’re desktop computer is slow and wastes valuable time, consider upgrading your computer’s operating system or increasing your computer’s RAM.  If your monitor is an older CRT type of monitor and takes up a lot of valuable space on your desk, consider buying a flat-screen, LCD monitor.  It’s usually easier on the eyes as well since it creates less glare.  And if you don’t own a scanner, consider purchasing one as their extremely convenient to use and it can keep your office bills organized, online.  All you would need to do is scan your receipts and the information is automatically uploaded to a program of your choice. 


One other piece of equipment that can make your life easier is a multifunction printer.  These handy printers act as an all-in-one device where you have a printer, copier and fax all together. 


Pleasant surroundings

Ideally, your home office should have at least one window – fresh air works wonders.  And you should have adequate ventilation, with both heat and air conditioning.  If that’s not the case, consider switching rooms or if it’s not cost prohibitive, open an air duct for an additional central air/heat vent.  Lighting should also be sufficient so that you don’t overtax your eyes. 


And don’t keep your office walls blank.  Hanging up some pictures or putting up some photos of your family can really liven up the place.  Even consider adding a few indoor plants to give the place a more humanistic feel, especially if it feels drab. You can even think of Top Audio Smart Home's,  After all, your spending a lot of time in your office so you might as well make it as pleasant as possible.  And it will no doubt have an overall effect on your productivity and happiness.    

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